Thursday, June 12, 2003

In a previous post, I mentioned the danger of failing to find WMD in Iraq, and I still believe that it will stain the credibility of the US if none are ever found.

However, in the short term, the silver lining of our failure to find WMD has been very real. The Bush administration (and the British government, for that matter) has been forced to stress the barbarisms of the Hussein regime and the benefits that will come with democracy in Iraq.

Because of this focus on democracy, Robert Mugabe will face a tougher ordeal to maintain his iron grip in Zimbabwe, and Colin Powell and Congress are getting tough on Burma. It's why students in Iran are rioting and demanding freedom and asking the US to help them.

There can be no question that the invasion of Iraq has boosted democracy worldwide. It only remains to be seen how long the momentum will last and what will be its ultimate achievements.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I haven't had much time for blogging lately, but I have to admit I've been very amused by the Hillary marketing effort, the pointing out of her lies, and by the predictable liberal backlash. Even Josh Chafetz, who isn't liberal on a lot of things and strongly supported Bush on the war, is asking people to "get over it" and asking "who cares?"

That's why I really enjoyed Gregg Easterbrook's TMQ column that points out that even the cover of Hillary's book is a lie. I won't bother to quote from it -- just read it. You'll have to scroll down about 2/3 of the column to get to the Hillary stuff.

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